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Extract info from CPU-Z !!!
I was trying to display some very specific information on my GLCD
such as FSB, Multiplier or RAM timings.

This was easy to do by using the famous CPU-Z utility in ghost
mode with data dumping.

This is how it is done :

First declare the variables of interest


In the HEADER section (runs only once in the beginning, because
these kind of data don't change outside BIOS), the CPU-Z utility is


(change the path according to your system)

The dump.txt file is generated, which contains ALL CPUZ info !!!

Then it is very easy to get them. For example


And finally use %Mult() and %FSB() variables to display the requested information !!

Hope you find it useful !
You can try with different execution timeouts (I used the conservative
value of 5 seconds).

Please report back any successful results !
And here are the RAM timings :




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