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A new way to display EMAILS in LCDHype !!!
My provider has lately upgraded all POP accounts to
secure SSL and I eventually lost the features of the
LCDMailbox plugin ! Another disadvantage is that the
LCDMailboxReport.exe executable allocated 24.5 MB
of memory which is far too large.

I have found the excellent freeware PopTray 3.1
( which supports EVERYTHING
(SSL too via plugin, note dear GMail users) and
I managed to get it work with LCDHype. This is
how I did it.

I wrote a very simple plugin for PopTray that
actually logs three numbers (namely total, unviewed
and new emails) in a text file, every time there is
a mail check from PopTray.

Then I wrote a short script in LCDHype that reads
these numbers :



%PrintCenter(%NewMail()' / '%TotMail(),207,238,14)

I didn't read unviewed mails though, only New/Total. Of course
you have to put your local PopTray path in the lines above.

It works perfectly. I am attaching the plugin which has
to be written in the "Plugins" directory of PopTray
and activated in the program.

Hope you like it !

PS. I didn't mess up with shared memory stuff, maybe the god
ViRuStRiNiTy can do better smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif

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I am displayed as guest but it is me, vpapanik !!! The forum does not remember my cookie (I use firefox) so I forget to log in every time ! smile.gif
This is a far better way to do it. You set MailFreq equal to X
and the mail check will occur every X LCD refreshes (SetPriority time).


%If(%MailCnt() = %MailFreq()) Then
%PrintCenter(%UnrMail()' / '%TotMail(),207,238,14)

Here are my print commands as well (specified in the header section) :




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