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datavision P231 T6963 DG-24128-XX
I bought a Datavision LCD off ebay, but found it quite hard to get some info on it...

I managed to get it working using the following files:

- T6963 Data sheet
- DG-24128-06 Data sheet
- and a wiring diagram for another system (this gives the wiring for the power supply side of things, NOT the control and data lines - for this look at the wirings in lcdhype for the 240x128 T6963 controller and compare to the DG-24128 datasheet)

I think this will work for a range of Datavision LCds.

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.pdf   T6963C_1_.pdf (Size: 1,53 MB / Downloads: 2.206)
.htm   big_lcd.htm (Size: 1,12 KB / Downloads: 1.697)

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