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+12V through USB - powering up backlights of LCD
When I've finished wiring of my LCD, thewe was a problem how to power up a backlight (it needs 12V) from USB port without adding extra connectors and wires. The solution was the MC34063 - step-up single chip power adapter - it can increase the voltages up to 40 volts smile.gif

In the shematic below I used for Ci and Co 1000uF/16V capacitors, the diode must be shotky diode (1N5818, 1N5819, 1N5820 or other); L - 170uH inductor

You can also use this chip (MC34063) and for other voltages, here is a calculator -

This chip is used in many LAN Hubs and LAN swiches, so you can rip it from dead one smile.gif

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