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LCDHype Version 0.5.2
heres a list of released fixes since version 0.5.2 was released:

fix for startup crash

winamp plugin with unicode support



Release Notes

Version 0.5.2 / 18.09.2007
+ fixed application hang-up occured on playing sound
+ fixed division by zero error
+ removed static linking of USB interface in HD44780 LCD driver
+ fixed bug in %System.Memory() occured on machines having more than 2 GB of ram
+ fixed memory leak in tray icon manangement
+ added driver for Noritake GU192x16-800 VFD, thx to paulchen
+ added compatibility to Unicode, Unicode Big Endian und UTF-8 files to %System.ReadFile()
+ extended logging on startup
+ fixed major floating point bug, big thanks goes out to Muetze for testing and some important hints wink.gif
     - FPU word was overriden on loading DLLs (e.g preview dialog initialization throws floating point error on some machines)
+ declaration =... in %DefVar() and %DefFunc() is not obligatory anymore
+ updated LCD Driver Interface Logger to version 0.2 (SetIOProperties was logged as IsReadyToReceive)
+ %LCD.Outputs() now passes 32bit values to driver interface instead of 8bit
+ updated winamp plugin to version 0.4 (see /stuff directory)
     - fixed configuration window position
     - added tray menu
     - fixed playlist entry looping and infinite ballon popups
     - readout version information from library

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 4,67 MB / Downloads: 110.006)
Current stable version of LCDHype: 0.7.6
New plugin: Notepad++ Bookmark Manager
New music: Nordwise - Empire transition

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