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LCDHype Version
current build of lcdhype


Release Notes

Version 0.6 / 17.02.2008
+ fixed application startup bug (application reports that some package data could not be found)
+ added default value configuration for lcd key option
- set value to 0 when using lcd key circuit,
+ fixed bug in TCP message handling
+ implemented port driver restart when machine is resuming from hibernation / standby
+ extended logging on closing application
+ added ShutdownLCDOnCleanUp option in controller\crystalfontz\config.ini to avoid cleaning of LCD when driver is closed
+ added driver for LH155BA LCD controller (SHARP M078CKA-A3QKLA0057)
+ fix for some spanish language stuff and online help, big thx to Mamél
+ added driver for OM6211 controller, big thx to szabi
+ updated Crystal Fontz driver to version 1.0.4 (handle device wakeup, scrolling, wrapping, cursor disabled)
+ added %Convert.ToByte() function to convert char to byte value
+ fixed application crash on closing main window (occured when used intelisense in editor before)
+ fixed preview window always on top functionality (didn't worked correctly when changing focus to other applications)
+ added "Hide taskbar entry" option for LCD preview window
+ spanning a rectangle in lcd preview window can now be canceled by a right click
+ added color support
- controller driver interface (LCD_HasColorDisplay)
- preview window
- updated all graphic functions
+ fixed bug when saving preview to file (brightness and contrast not applied)
+ fixed non working online help in function tree, additionally F1 can now be used to display help for selected node

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Attached Files
.zip (Size: 4,96 MB / Downloads: 127.720)
Current stable version of LCDHype: 0.7.6
New plugin: Notepad++ Bookmark Manager
New music: Nordwise - Empire transition
update from 0.6 to, just copy the content of the zip archive over an existing installation of version 0.6.

+ fixed application startup bug occured when loading a script with filesize of 0 byte
+ fixed preview refresh bug
+ improved mouse wheel handling in script editor (faster rotation of mouse wheel causes a faster scrolling now)
+ added STRG+HOME and STRG+END in script editor for fast jumping to begin or and end of script
+ added new script class %Message() for processing internal message queue
+ extended parameter WM_COPYDATA, see data\help\documents\wndmsg.htm for further information
+ removed config\config.dat and config\sh.dat file, combined into new config.xml file
+ extended TCP menu and renamed to Messaging menu
+ removed %System.GetTCPMessage() and %System.CountTCPMessage() from function tree
  (it is still recognized as valid function call for backward compatibility)
+ removed the need for spaces between operand and operator in conditions
+ fixed evaluation bug in conditional functions ,occured when using comments within conditional statements
+ fixed "save as" popup bug occured with a undocked script window
+ added ASUS G1S OLED driver, big thx to Predador_MF
+ fixed bug in graphic function concerning definded colors
+ fixed bug causing massive cpu load after starting application on some machines (e.g. ASUS G1S)
+ improved speed of text rendering

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 1,69 MB / Downloads: 32.344)
Current stable version of LCDHype: 0.7.6
New plugin: Notepad++ Bookmark Manager
New music: Nordwise - Empire transition

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