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Asus G1S Megascript
Here's my megascript I did for G1S smile.gif

(Some of the screens are borrowed from others and I won't take credit for them)

The main function of the megascript is the menu. Navigating trough the menu is done with key1, key2, key3 and key4. Functions of the keys are:

Key1: Left (Previous Screen)
Key2: Right (Next Screen)
Key3: Menu
Key4: Enter (Autochange when not in menu)

(In Asus G1S these keys are assigned trough the driver's control panel in LCDHype)

You can easily add new screens to the menu. All you need to do is add your screen to the script, add in it the KeysCheck() function , move it wherever you want in the list (but not before screen 4), then in the menu string list you just add it's name:
  • %List.Add(MenuNames,'Dolly Clock')
    %List.Add(MenuNames,'CPU/RAM Simple')
    %List.Add(MenuNames,'CPU Graph')
    %List.Add(MenuNams,'Network Simple')
    %List.Add(MenuNames,'CPU Temperature')
    %List.Add(MenuNames,'GPU Temperature')
    %List.Add(MenuNames,'Gamers Clock')
    %List.Add(MenuNames,'My Custom Menu') <-- your menu here
    %List.Add(MenuNames,'Winamp Spectrum 1')
    %List.Add(MenuNames,'Winamp Spectrum 2')
For example you have a script named "MyScript1" and you want to add it in my megascript. Your script looks like so:

%KeyCheck() / <-- add this to enable your menu to read the keyboard /

Then you add your script name in the list like so:
%List.Add(MenuNames,'MyScript') <-- your menu here

The script must start running from screen 0, else you keyboard my not work with LCDHype.

  • Screen browser menu
  • Autochange option Menu*
  • Dolly Clock
  • CPU/RAM Simple
  • CPU Graph
  • Network Traffic**
  • CPU Temperature
  • GPU Temperature
  • Gamers Clock
  • Battery
  • Winamp Spectrum 1***
  • Winamp Spectrum 2***
Plugins you need: Notes:
* After the first change of the autochange option, scripts might not start autochanging until you hit the autochange menu button again (Key4).
** If 'Network Simple' screen doesn't show you your network card speed, change the value 7 in %DefVar(N=7) to the appropriate value (or just guess it by starting with 0). This value differs on different PC and OS.
*** Winamp spectrum may use higher CPU (%5-%10 sometimes), to decrease it, enter higher value in the %Common.SetPriority(20) command.
****You also need Everest to be running and you have to enable it to work with this plugin, go to Preferences -> External applications, enable shared memory and on the list down, enable CPU and GPU temperatures

Video on YouTube here

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