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Skype Plugin
Skype Plugin for LCDHype

1. Description:

Use this plugin to extract information from Skype.

2. Commands:

All the commands are accessible in Plugins section of LCDHype.

Note that first time you run this plugin Skype will popup a window for your aproval that LCDHype can use Skype, you must allow it.

3. Examples:

This will give you your Skype name
%UsePlugin('skype\skype.dll',MyInfo, Name)

This will give you your contact count in Skype

4. Installation:

Place the folder from the archive in LCDHypeFolder\plugins\ ,
restart LCDHype and you should see the plugin in the plugins section of LCDHype
(by the name of Skype).

Place the file "Skype4COM.dll" in Windows\System32\ folder.
Press Start->RUN, type in "regsvr32.exe C:\Windows\System32\Skype4COM.dll" (wihouth the quotes).
If you see a message saying "Registration successfull", then the plugin will work.

5. Version History
- 0.9.3: Fixed multilanguage bug, better unicode support
- 0.9.1: Added "MissedCallEvent", "ContactsOnline", fixed parameters in LCDHype
- 0.9.0: Initial release.

Example script:




  %DefVar(SkypeLine, Local='')
  %DefFunc(SkypeCheck, Local=
   %If(%UsePlugin('Skype\Skype.dll',MissedChatEvent) ! 0)
     %UsePlugin('GLED\GLED.dll','LED', 1, 1/status/)
     %Loop.For(i, 0, %Dec(%UsePlugin('Skype\Skype.dll',MissedChatCount),1), 1)
       / get the last line from every chat /
       %UsePlugin('Skype\Skype.dll',MissedChatInfo, Name, %i()/chatnumber/)
       ']: '
       %UsePlugin('Skype\Skype.dll',MissedChatLine, %i()/chatnumber/, 0/chatline/)
       ' **    '


/%If(%Skype_running() = 0)
'Skype: '

%UsePlugin('Skype\Skype.dll',MyInfo, Name)
'Status:' %UsePlugin('Skype\Skype.dll',MyInfo, Status)

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