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MOTOROLA C236, C250, C350 COLOR LCD driver v1.0
Hi, this is the first release of the driver.
-->Here<-- and -->here<-- you find two small videos.
I also have to mention, that the SSD1770 controller has some nice features, (beside the usual scroll functions) which are unavailable on similar type of controllers. For example graphic commands, like: "Draw Line", "Fill", "Draw Rectangle", "Copy", "Dim Window", "Clear Window".

LCDHype in color, is more exciting.

Best regards, Szabi.

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.rar   Motorola_C350.rar (Size: 1.010,6 KB / Downloads: 803)
Great one, keep up the good work smile.gif
yeah pretty nice work. i will include the driver in the next lcdhype release, thats for sure *G*
Current stable version of LCDHype: 0.7.6
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Thx! Great work!. I'll to try it in few days!

See you folks!

user posted image

user posted image

Color... color.... color..... cool.gif cool.gif no more B&W xD xD laugh.gif
i will include the driver in the next lcdhype release

OK, I also made a driver for the NOKIA 3510i color display.
Ready to go!!!!, THX for you work Szabi.

Working LCD

user posted image

biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

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