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LCDWeather Plugin Version 1.7.3
A plugin for displaying weather information on your LCD. Thx to madhawk for the hint concerning the filtering of weather icons.

Release Notes


Version 1.7.3
- reintroduced weather icon support
- added support for minimum, maximum temperature to forecasts
- updated help file
- updated filter scripts


The updated filter scripts now support fetching of weather data by using a proxy server. This is necessary because wetter dot com seems to block the lcdhype server from downloading data from the wetter dot com server.

So by default the plugin now uses a proxy server (see synchronizer configuration, you can disable the proxy server there). Therefore the synchronization process might be a bit slow but its working.

Perhaps you shoud consider to install a local web server mit php support to run the filter scripts directly on your machine to get back the old synchronization speed.

Additional note:

It seems that the proxy thing is not working anymore. So i suggest to install a local web server. For those not knowing how to install a webserver follow these few steps to get a local webserver running:

1. Download xampp or xaamp lite,
2. Install xampp
3. Follow the instructions in the console window after installation
4. Run xampp control panel
5. Click on the start button next to "Apache", web server is now running
6. Go to %LCDHype Directory%\plugins\lcdweather
7. Open url.dat with notepad, replace the existing entries with


8. Save url.dat
9. Start lcdweathersync.exe
10. right click weather tray icon
11. click show settings
12. clear field "Host" and field "Port", click apply
13. if you already added a location then again click tray icon and click synchronize
14. run your lcdhype weather script and be happy

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Current stable version of LCDHype: 0.7.6
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