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LCDHype Version

this version uses new configuration file names. it writes each configuration part to a separate file to e.g. boost writing the configuration. if you don't want to reconfigure the whole application you can convert you existing configuration with the following steps:

- install 0.7.4
- run it once
- go to %APPDATA%\LCDHype\config (your current configuration is in config.xml)
- open config.xml

you will now see a xml structure. this structure now needs to be split to separate files. here's en example how to extract the device configuration (split the other configuration parts accordingly):

old file config.xml (your current configuration):

... (your device configuration)


new file config.device.xml

... (your device configuration from config.xml)


Version 0.7.4 / 30.10.2010
+ configuration data is now written to separate files for simple exchange of configuration parts e.g. syntax highlighting
+ added script element type etOldPlugin to remove leading and trailing " from values returned by old plugins automatically
+ fixed offset calculation bug in %Graph.LoadBitmap()
+ added ABACOM USB LCD driver
+ fixed comparison bug (part of the script engine expected floating point values still with "," as decimal separator)
+ fixed incapability of script editor to select / copy empty lines
+ fixed bug in %Graph.LineTo(), in rare cases pen position was not updated correctly
+ fixed path handling, e.g. initial dir of dialogs
 (e.g. open script dialog did not show the script directory, strangely windows does not recognize
  path statements with \\ between directory names anymore, recognized it on windows 7)
+ setting a controller dll directory to "hidden" gets it skipped on application startup
+ added encoding parameter to %System.ReadFile() to support also files without unicode BOM
+ added parameter DefaultEncoding to %System.ReadFile()
+ added unicode support to reading files from online sources by using %System.ReadFile()
+ fixed multiple application hangups caused by Digital Devices display driver
+ added new DeviceID for ByVac Electronics BV4629 display driver to device id list (data\help\documents\deviceID.txt)
+ added ByVac Electronics BV4629 display driver
+ removed resolution and color depth restriction in %Graph.LoadBitmap()
+ fixed bug in %Graph.LoadBitmap(), %System.ReadFile(),
 internal file read code was called twice on the first script evaluation cycle
+ fixed sideshow handling in digital devices lcd driver,
 caused "Interface not supported" error in connection with operating systems released before vista
+ deccimal separator set to "." for floating point values, "," not allowed anymore
+ fixed bug in %Trunc() caused wrong return value when using very small values
+ extended %Trunc(), added correct rounding of decimals when decimal parameter is passed
+ remove plugins reporting errors to the plugin loader from function tree and intellisense
+ added script editing shortcut Ctrl + Space (show intellisense), Ctrl + Shift + Space (show function parameter)
+ added command %System.ExpandEnvironmentVariable()
+ added Connected parameter to %System.Network()
+ added support for IP Helper API version 2 to be able to return network statistic values > 2^32 (the new api introduced in Windows Vista)
+ added logging support to plugin loader
+ fixed bug in plugin loader, changing current directory to plugin path before loading plugin was missing
+ fixed controller selection dropdown height bug ocurred when only a small amount of controllers where found
+ improved status list output (multiple lines for each entry with word break support for long messages)
+ fixed non working %DefColor() command
+ fixed help window positioning bug occurred in connection with shortcut F4
+ removed sending spConfigurationPath / spOutputEnabled to driver DLLs while searching controller directory for compatible driver DLLs,
 this should avoid reading in the configuration file which is not necessary at this point
+ added new DeviceID for Digital Devices USB display driver to device id list (data\help\documents\deviceID.txt)
+ added Digital Devices USB display driver
+ added support for environment strings in all script functions with path parameters
+ added file system notification handling to %System.ReadFile() and %Graph.LoadBitmap(),
 file access is now buffered and therefore files are only read in when the file system reports a change on those files

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 10,07 MB / Downloads: 185.492)
Current stable version of LCDHype: 0.7.6
New plugin: Notepad++ Bookmark Manager
New music: Nordwise - Empire transition
Here is an update to the current development state. Just copy the files inside the zip over an existing 0.7.4 installation.


Version / 06.11.2010
+ fixed bug in parameter tool tip handling
+ updated PCF8548 driver to fix false positive alert by Avira AntiVir
+ added compatibility with windows 2000 service pack 4
+ fixed drawing bug of status log list

Attached Files
.zip (Size: 907,7 KB / Downloads: 4.512)
Current stable version of LCDHype: 0.7.6
New plugin: Notepad++ Bookmark Manager
New music: Nordwise - Empire transition
Some users reported new bugs introduced by Version so i decided to put the release down until those bugs are fixed.
Current stable version of LCDHype: 0.7.6
New plugin: Notepad++ Bookmark Manager
New music: Nordwise - Empire transition

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