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Need help
hi everybody here, I need to replace this lcd display(CBG192064E06-YHU TO this HB10502NYU-LYZC-01-V V20501001852 )
bythe way it will be a great pleasur if somone can post a pdf pinout for this two lcd display.

Do you want to repair a Siemens Simatic OP7?
The Hyundai HB10502 seems to be a display that is compatible with the original display.
The pin assignment can be found in the following hungarian thread:

I will attach the excel spreadsheet showing the pin assignment here to mirror the file.

Just for reference: the Winstar WD-G1003P has the same PCB Layout, but there is no datasheet.

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.xls   Siemens Simatic OP7 HB10502.xls (Size: 24,5 KB / Downloads: 118)
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