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Noritake GU256x64E-3900
oops, wrong thread. that post belongs to the 311 thread
that was my post
I have a 256x64c 3900 series i cant get anything to display who can help?The lcd congiguration screen says that it supports this type and format what am I doing wrong? the screenshots you see below are when I'm running lcd studio in a 256x128 format
heres some screenshots shots on lcd studio items have to be moved in in particular place on srceen to be stable i think its because of the format 256x128 when my screen is only 256x64

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Been a long time but Toshi sent me a larger display I think Its a D series. Ill be playing around with this one soon. there was an avi player plugin that worked with this dynamite VFD. Hopefully we can source the plugin and get it working. I did finally get the screen working correctly now that the correct size selection was made available in Hype.

Thank you for your great work on the software

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